Shopping cart abandonment hurts every marketer. Here is one way to stop those losses.
Customers don’t respond to impersonal technology., They respond to persuasive copy.
It’s direct response copy within your shopping cart that will help not only to stop shopping cart abandonment, but will also help upsell and cross-sell additional products and services.
Lead Generation
If you’re generating a lead for B2B or consumer, and your prospect is filling out your lead-generation form, he or she should see copy that:

  • Emphasizes the great FREE bonus report that’s available as an immediate download
  • Reassures “no risk,” “no cost,” or “no obligation.”
  • Reinforces the major benefits mentioned in your earlier copy
  • Give reasons why to respond now instead of wait
  • A strong Positive Acceptance Statement (PAS)
  • Proof: testimonials, reviews, and star ratings
  • A phone number and address

Copy needs to stir up your prospects’ self-interest and curiosity, because these are primary human needs that are essential to any lead-generation process. And yet most shopping carts are devoid of any copy that’s going to stop a prospect from having second thoughts, get cold feet, and decide to postpone or even abort the lead-generating request.
The same situation happens with B2B or B2C direct sales, but even more so because here you’re asking for a financial commitment.
The copy should be longer, and you should include a powerful guarantee.
The more you follow direct response copywriting and art tactics, the more ROI you’ll make from your shopping cart.
Go through your shopping cart now. Is it rich in persuasive direct response copy? Does it align with the core beliefs and values of your prospect? Or is it poorly written—with no copy that makes a prospect want to buy?
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