One of the most powerful marketing strategies to:

  • Cut through the clutter
  • Get the attention of your target audience
  • Generate high response…

Is using a 3-D campaign.
It’s one format many marketers are not aware of, or they overlook.
I use it for both consumer marketing and business to business.
3-D simply means that you send a direct mail package far beyond words on a page.
Your package is actually a three-dimensional package – one with height, depth and weight.
It’s something prospects can hold in their hands.
It “jumps out” at recipients and shows concrete value and substantial benefits.
It’s sent to your prospects by FedEx, so it gets by gatekeepers and demands the full attention of each of your prospects.
Obviously, it’s more costly than traditional direct mail – easily $10 to $50 per piece. So, it’s for high-margin products or services and usually sent to audiences of about 10,000 or less.
A 3-D direct mail package I created for a South American gold mining firm was a good fit for this successful format.
They wanted to market to a select and qualified group of top investment professionals so they could attract new investment capital.
The challenge was huge:

  1. They had a new venture – it had never been tried before.
  2. The project was in Colombia – perceived as distant and unsafe because of drugs, violence and kidnappings.
  3. Their targets were extremely busy – and overloaded with literally hundreds of other lucrative investment opportunities.

We selected institutional investors and prestigious investment newsletter writers for a four-day, all-expense-paid trip to explain the project.
We had to show these skeptical prospects this was a good investment for their clients.
The 3-D package included:

  • A formal invitation letter (direct response copy) and RSVP card with contact information. …
  • An event itinerary styled as their international passport. …
  • A map of the location in the form of a “travel brochure.” …
  • Colombian coffee, to reinforce the conference location.

And most crucially …

  • A wooden treasure chest filled with chocolate gold coins and all the components described above.

A successful 3-D piece must have the “WOW” effect. You get it and you’re intrigued.
You’ll want to share it with others.
It creates involvement.
To supercharge response, you call the prospect. In this case, “I’m the one who sent you the Treasure Chest.”
For whatever reason … guilt … curiosity … being polite … the prospects almost always answer the call.
They never would for a trade mailing, sales call, telephone call or any other ad strategy.
But they will with a 3-D piece.
Of the select prospects invited, 48.9% accepted the offer. This is a great response.
If just one investment professional came aboard, this company recouped its marketing costs.
A high-quality 3-D direct mail package pulls dynamite results – if it’s relevant and well-suited to your message and offer.
I’ve helped create 3-D packages for a Christian ministry, CFOs, marketing directors, corporate lawyers, and many more.
Watch a short video explaining more about the treasure chest project – and expanding on the 3-D concept with information about two additional efforts, too.

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