Fair question, since most of the nation’s major postal and email list houses are in the East.
Manhattan alone has enough brokers to bury every mailbox in America under a pile of mail three feet deep.
If that’s the case, then why are major mailers defecting in flocks to InfoMat?
Why are they coming 3,000 miles to rent our lists when they can get the same names at the same price from someone down the street?
After all, tradition has it that if you want good list service, you go to New York. California has always been the graveyard of ambitious list brokers. No one had ever grown very big out there.
Until InfoMat came along, that is. We changed it all
InfoMat has leverage. Large corporations, small companies and entrepreneurs all have found that the cornerstone of their success is in choosing the right list broker.
In fact, over 100 major ad agencies and consulting firms have come to us for their list mix. Many of our clients—including manufacturers, publishers and fund raisers—are so loyal you couldn’t pry them away from us with a crowbar.
Our secret: There’s one good reason why New Yorkers and other Easterners are beating a 3,000-mile-path to our door: money.
We produce exceptional results for them because our list mixes pull better. This may sound like puffery, but in our case, it’s gospel.
There are other reasons, too:

  • Reason #1. We’re very, very cautious. We select mailing lists with the kind of care ordinarily reserved for tiptoeing through minefields. You needn’t worry about getting a careless choice.
  • Reason #2. Our decisions are based on careful record keeping of insightful test results. Sad to say, only a handful of the country’s 344 brokers do the sort of research that InfoMat does.
  • Reason #3. As an InfoMat client, you can afford to forget about your list worries once you’ve hired us. Our total, conscientious care frees you to think about other things.
  • Reason #4. We don’t pay our list AE’s commissions, which discourages careless choices. Some of our largest competitors do.
  • Reason #5. We’re list consultants, not list peddlers. We work just as hard to find ways to save you money as you would yourself. For instance, we constantly look for opportunities to do special selections or locate obscure lists.
  • Reason #6. No matter where you are in the U.S., you’ll get the most personal, friendly service you’ve ever had — just like you lived next door to us.
  • Reason #7. And if you need advanced data modeling or integrated, multichannel marketing, no one matches our knowledge and experience in detailing the best strategy and tactics.

Here are just a few of our success stories:

  • Relying on InfoMat’s list selections, an expensive investment service went from zero to 250,000 paid subscriptions in only 24 months.
  • A West Coast nonprofit group consistently gets twice as good a response with InfoMat’s lists than from any other consultant. For 2 months, its staff literally could not handle the contributions that came in.
  • An expensive mail order product went from zero to 500,000 units sold in only months using InfoMat’s list selections.
  • One veteran marketer tripled their investment with our modeling advice… and income shot up over 3%.
  • The test mailing for another happy client broke even in just 2½ weeks from the mail date, and paid back all creative and production costs and produced a 400% profit on the initial investment, by week 8. Subsequent rollouts did almost as well.

The Zipmarket Principle
We have been able to build booming businesses for one customer after another for one main reason: We understand better than most the basic law of direct mail. We call it the Zipmarket Principle. Briefly, it is this:
“Good lists beat good mail packages or email.”
More specifically:
Even the most brilliant direct package or well-crafted email will fail if mailed to poor lists, but any decent package or email will pull well if mailed to quality lists.
We call it the Zipmarket Principle because the more you ignore it, the faster your share of the market approaches “zip.”
If you have ever used direct mail and got weak results, chances are it was your list mix that was at fault.
We know of hundreds of mailers who struggle year after year, testing direct mail package after direct mail package, — spending many thousands of dollars but under performing their potential.
They are ignoring the fact that no package or email is going to change a person’s mind if they are just plain not interested in responding to anything you’re offering or are not direct mail or email responsive.
But if a person likes to buy through the mail or email and has proven it by buying other things, he’ll probably respond to you, too — even if you send him just an average package or email.
We hasten to add the obvious corollary to the Zipmarket Principle:
“Good packages or email help.”
Let’s face it — 40% or more of the success or failure of your campaign comes from the proper selection of lists. That’s why our clients are so loyal.
What they are saying:
“If you have been involved in mailing lists at all, you know that InfoMat’s list brokerage is capable of making the best recommendations in the United States.”
—Ken Gerbino, Kenneth Gerbino & Co.
“Your list selections have produced thousands of dollars of additional income for my clients. Even their test mailings make money when they follow InfoMat’s advice. You’re the best.”
—Michael Gama, Marketing Consultant
Discover InfoMat Now
If you’re really serious about getting higher response and opening up new markets for yourself, pick up the phone and call 1-310-212-5944.
Tell them what you’ve been doing and what your goals are. They’ll tell you how we can get to your goals.
Then they’ll dig and dig through the 50,000 lists on the market until they find the ones that you’ll be delighted with. They will include lists that you may not have heard about or thought of.
And in a few days, they’ll recommend a specific list mix for you based on a careful analysis of your needs — with no obligation.
And, if advanced data modeling or integrated multichannel marketing is justified, nowhere else will you find more powerful advice and guidance.
Call InfoMat, today. It won’t cost you a cent. And you could add a new chapter to your company’s history.
Very truly yours,
Craig A. Huey

P.S. We also serve a few Westerners now and then. Plus, people in Canada, Asia, Europe, South America and Africa!