If you’re a market leader, it is a major blunder to use comparisons or include competitive products or services in your advertising. You never want to use competitive advertising online or in print. Don’t give your competition any publicity.
But if you’re not the market leader, in order for you to become better known in your industry, this is a strategy you should consider.

The key behind successful comparison

I have successfully created comparison charts for my clients so that, at a glance, you can see the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), understand the product’s positioning and motivate the most skeptical prospect to consider purchasing a product or service that they never would have considered before.
Here is a comparison chart we recently created for Monaco Rare Coins:

A comparison chart we did for Data Transmission Network, for example, listed a half dozen competitors. Price, among other benefits, distinguished the company from its competition.
Combined with a powerful graphic, this technique helped them increase their response by 48%.
The proof is in the response
I’ve seen response rates increase, and rarely I’ve seen response rates drop a little. But in general, if you have an advantage, shout it and it will most likely increase your return.
Sometimes a comparison can be creative, simple and powerful. Some may remember the Apple ad that took a humorous approach to using comparisons in their advertising.
One person represented a PC while the other person represented the Apple computer, when Apple was being introduced.
The viewer is left with no choice but to conclude that the new Apple computer has all the advantages compared to the PC.
Compare before others do
Also, consider placing a comparison chart on the home page or landing page or your direct marketing website that highlights your USP and positions your benefits against the competition.
Your prospects see how you compare, and you control the sale. This is far better than uncontrolled comparisons on the internet.
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