Prospect hesitation equals death for your marketing.
As soon as a prospect hesitates, chances are your offer is lost forever.
With that in mind, make sure you look over every direct mail piece, email, landing page, and ad you create with the question: “Is there anything in this offer or copy that is going to make my prospect stop and wonder or procrastinate?”
What is the most common hesitation roadblock?
It’s believability. For example, a price that’s too low. Don’t read this wrong—a low or even free price on a product is a crucial element of your pitch, and should never be abandoned!

Believability is key

When you read a direct mail piece that says, “Uniquely Regenerative Skin Cream is Yours For Just $10.99,” your first thought is probably not, “That skin cream must be extremely high quality.”
Instead, it’s more likely that you’re thinking, “What’s wrong with it?” or “What’s the catch?”
This is a hesitation roadblock, and unless the advertiser gives you a believable explanation about why the price is so low, this direct mail piece will probably just end up lining your cat’s litter box.
The solution doesn’t need to be complicated. In the case stated above, it could be something as simple as, “We know you’ll see the incredible results of our skin cream, which smooths lines and brightens skin. You’re going to love it so much, that we know you’ll buy from us again and again!”
You can almost certainly come up with an even more rational and appealing explanation for why your product’s price is so low.
Just remember: it doesn’t need to be complicated, it just needs to make sense and sound real!
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