Many marketers underestimate the power of the opening.
Direct mail, email, landing pages, Facebook ads and more all have three critical direct response rules you should follow at the start of your presentation.
For any direct mail campaign, the way that you begin your sales letter is critical.
The same goes for email and landing pages—all of your marketing.
Here are 3 direct response rules to help you construct winning openings that really pull readers in…

  1. Skip the warm-ups. Don’t waste valuable time with long introductions that don’t have anything to do with your sales message.
  2. Always start with your strongest selling point. Why not hit the ground running? If you save the best for last, you’re likely to lose your prospect along the way.
  3. Surprise your readers. Build curiosity into your opening and give prospects a reason to keep reading. If you start off with something they’ve heard 100 times before, they’ll be snoring by the third sentence and you won’t make the sale.

Here are a few examples that my agency Creative Direct Marketing Group (CDMG) created recently for clients.

Direct Mail

Here are several recent openings:
For Wine of the Month Club, a subscription wine club client…
Imagine if I could guarantee that you’d never waste another penny on mediocre wine again.
Imagine if you never had to wander through your local “wine superstore” trying to guess what a wine tastes like based solely on the label…or had to take the advice of a pimply faced clerk who has no idea what he’s talking about.
Imagine if you always had insider access to exceptional wines from all across the world…that could “wow” even your pickiest friends? In fact, you’ll always know about these hidden gems before they do…and you’ll pay much less.
For World Opportunity Investor, an investment newsletter we created…
I’ve enclosed for you a sample…and it could help you turn $5,000 into $39,300 over the next 48 months. That’s a 686% gain!
What is it?
It’s a disruptive high tech result of a historic environmental disaster.
That’s right…something good came out of perhaps the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history…
…a revolutionary sponge that’s flying off the shelves at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Wegmans and Meijer.

Landing Page

For an alternative health client:
We’re going to give you 5 REASONS why reading this just may save your life.
Let’s face it… if you’re like most people, you’re overmedicated on prescription drugs.
If you have a health issue, your doctor will use one of two tools to try to “fix” you: drugs with side effects or surgery. 
In fact, research shows that the average doctor has you analyzed and prescribed within just 17 seconds of walking into the exam room…
Want to see a big breakthrough on your response?
Follow these rules.
I’d love to help you. Give me a call at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at Let’s discuss what you’re doing, your objectives, and how we can help.
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