One of the keys to successful marketing and advertising is understanding the art of creating a bullet.
Bullets are sizzling, mouthwatering, irresistible enticements to continue to read or to take action.
Bullets can dramatically increase your response and profitability.
Most traditional copywriters, editorial writers, and journalists do not understand how to create bullets.
If they try, they end up with something dull, drab, and dreary.
Bullets can be used on landing pages, direct mail, email, video scripts, pre-rolls, Facebook banner ads, and Facebook ads.
Let’s look at a few examples.
The first are bullets that we actually created for the cover of a magalog.
If you’re not sure what a magalog is, see this video brief here.
This magalog was designed to go to consumers, for them to purchase a unique book.
The magalog reads: “Top Secret Information” in bold on the top half of the cover, and on the bottom half of the cover the 8 bullets read:

  • Your Banker Doesn’t Want You to Know: How to avoid secret fees and hidden charges!
  • Your Furniture Retailer Will Never Give You: A phone number that can save you thousands of dollars!
  • Information the IRS Keeps to Themselves: A Supreme Court ruling that can work in your favor!
  • Your Pharmacist Won’t Tell You: You can get FREE prescription drugs!
  • Your Doctor May Not Know This Secret: How to get the latest cutting-edge treatment…Free!
  • Auto Mechanics Don’t Want You to Know: 4 auto repair scams that cost consumers hundreds of dollars every year!
  • Insurance Agents Won’t Tell You: You can pay less and get more protection
  • Local Governments Hope You Don’t Know About: Escaping a whole year’s property tax using this secret

Recently, I created an email for an alternative health client with a landing page with the following bullets:

  • Diabetes Symptoms… GONE!
  • Severe Migraines… DISAPPEARED!
  • High Blood Pressure… REVERSED!
  • Forgetfulness and “Brain Fog”… ERASED!

And here are some examples of bullets I did for an investment client, Independent Living:

  • How to secure safe, stable investments in business-friendly, property-rights- respecting, resource-rich countries — Do this while you still can.
  • How to safely sell your precious metals discreetly. For now, this is legal — with no government reporting — if you follow my suggestions.
  • The easiest, most practical, and most cost-effective way to accumulate silver.
  • The most recognized, easily exchanged, relatively stable currencies . . . suitable for staying liquid without being tied to the dollar.
  • 3 precious metals besides gold and silver offering the greatest profit potential.

Teaser bullets create curiosity and arouse powerful interest—the reader’s mouth should drool. Make them want to find the answer.
If you want to improve your marketing response rates, look at your current marketing material. How powerful are the bullets? What can you do to make them even more powerful?
If you need help, I’d love to help you. Give me a call at (310) 212-5727, or email Caleb at
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