One of the most profitable media available today for high response rates is the use of direct response television.
Direct response TV is used to generate leads and sales. It’s also used successfully as a means to push open retail distribution.
It has been and continues to be a highly effective marketing strategy when your product is right for it. To have direct response television commercial success, however, requires just the right copy.
After having created over 400 TV commercials for my clients, I can tell you that’s probably the most important component.
One of the more interesting trends has been the fact that the 60-second spots have been more profitable than 30-second commercials.
And 120-second commercials have been more successful than 60. The problem is that you don’t see many of them because they just haven’t been available.
It is very exciting that availability of 120-second commercials has increased more than 117% in the past 5 years, making the spots more lucrative.
And overall, spending on direct response TV ads increased by 99% in the same period.
Is direct response TV for you?
I’d be glad to tell you the pros and cons for your product and service, tell you what the risks are and let you know how my team and I could help you create a direct response TV commercial that will give you increased sales or leads for your product or service.
Just give me a call at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at
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