In writing great persuasive copy that generates a response, you’ll want to use what I call the “Red Dawn Principle” (RDP).
You see, one of my favorite movies is Red Dawn.
Not a lot of heavy dialogue, but it creates attention and holds the audience.
So does Person of Interest and many other popular shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime and others.
Why does Red Dawn hold your interest?
Well, look at the structure. It has a few minutes of dialogue.Red Dawn Movie Poster
Then a fistfight.
Then it’s followed by some more minutes of dialogue.
Then a crazy chase scene…
You’re always on edge.
You’re always a little surprised, caught off guard. That’s why it’s been such a great hit.
It contains a lot of “shocks” that keep you watching.
In copy you need similar kinds of “shocks” to keep your reader interested.
Keep me interested…with benefits. Surprise me with twists and turns.
Make me read.
If you’re not compelling your prospect to keep reading, then you need to shake it up like a good movie.
Boring copy generates awful results.
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