Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to get an incredible response.
I test hundreds of ads a month for my clients, discovering what works and what doesn’t.
But you have to create the right copy…something that will grab the attention of prospects who are quickly scrolling through their feeds.
Facebook gives you enough space to write seven sizzling lines of teaser copy and a headline.
I ran a test selling a weight loss supplement for a client. The ads displayed the same video, but used different headlines and different teaser copy. Note: Video on Facebook is very important…but like the ad itself – the copy for the script is key.

Ad 1

Teaser Copy:
New fat “destroyer” targets your body’s fat storage “zones” to speed up weight loss.
“I was 290 lbs. with pre-diabetic symptoms, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure! I started using the products and lost 12 lbs. my first month. To date, I’ve lost 60 lbs. Because of the weight loss, I no longer have the health challenges I once had.” 
Headline (shown below the ad): Weight Loss “Shortcut” Hits Market

Ad 2

Teaser Copy:
Breakthrough Technology Targets Your Body’s Fat Storage ‘Zones’
Headline (shown below the ad): Weight Loss “Shortcut” to Make Huge Dent in Obesity Epidemic
Which ad do you think performed better?
If you guessed Ad 1, you were correct. Ad 1 received a 38% higher response than Ad 2. Long copy almost always outperforms short copy. And on Facebook, your teaser copy should give specifics and entice the viewer to respond. 
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