The bookalog is the ultimate sales piece in disguise. It looks and feels like a book…but it’s actually a credibility-boosting direct mail and digital miracle that can skyrocket your response.
In this age of skepticism, it is more critical than ever to build trust and credibility. Bookalogs are a powerful way to get the job done.
But you can’t just throw some chapters together and call it a bookalog.
Here are 5 rules for bookalog success that you absolutely must know before you get started:

Bookalog Rule #1:bookalog

Your copy needs to follow the time-test direct response guidelines.

Bookalog Rule #2:

Use an easy-to-read typeface that is 13.5 point or above.

Bookalog Rule #3:

Choose your author wisely. Typically, the author would be your company president, but it depends on the product or service. A physician is a great choice for a nutritional product, while a teacher makes a great spokesperson for an educational program.

Bookalog Rule #4:

Include a simple, one-page letter in an envelope along with the bookalog. Use the letter to explain why the prospect has received the book—and why he or she should read it.

Bookalog Rule #5:

You must include an order form that is separate from your sales letter. Print several copies at the end of the bookalog itself. If the book is passed around, this ensures each reader will have a chance to respond to your offer. Use the same techniques as in every other direct mail piece.
Always include a positive acceptance statement. Here’s an example I wrote for Sun Chlorella’s bookalog, The Amazing Superfood of the Orient:
Yes! I want to enjoy a lifetime of natural health, detoxification and revitalization with the amazing superfood Sun Chlorella. Please rush me the products I have selected below. Plus, when I join within 10 days, I’ll receive the FREE Special Report The Secret of Rejuvenation.
Remember that bookalogs are not just for business-to-business consumer marketers. I’ve helped B to B clients create bookalogs as well.
If you would like to create a bookalog for your product or service, give me a call at (310) 212-5727, or email Caleb at
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