Social media can create tremendous momentum in creating global awareness and changing culture.
It can also take down the reputation of a person or a business.
The #MeToo hashtag- which brings attention to the issue of sexual assault against women- is an indicator of how social media is a powerful influencer of reputation and awareness.
Here are 3 lessons from the #MeToo movement that you need to know as a marketer or business owner:

1. Your reputation and your branding can be influenced by a movement like the #MeToo movement.#metoo

The last thing you want as a company or business is to get caught in the crossfire of a viral trend like #MeToo.
Companies who have had the top leaders identified as sexual assailants have been damaged.
More importantly is the fact that #MeToo has been incredibly widespread—it’s a good idea to avoid getting caught up in the discussion, unless it directly relates to your product or service.
Social media makes it easy to spread information. Be aware of this as your brand or company develops credibility, which is key to the success of your sales.

2. Social Media increases reach and expands your audience.

This movement proved the power of social media to promote an idea (or product or service) to a wide audience. The hashtag is simple, shareable and builds relationship and connection among users….who are spread all over the world.
The movement also gave users the power to damage the reputation of certain individuals.
As a marketer, you’ll want to know how to use social media to gain new prospects and to maintain your credibility.

3. Viral content is powerful.

#MeToo has been used over 6.5 million times on Twitter, 12 million times on Facebook, and 786,601 times on Instagram.
You should know how to use strategies and tactics that will help you to succeed on social media…and create content that will be shared again and again.
If your reputation is tainted…that could spread quickly and rapidly too.
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