Facebook messenger is the next frontier for digital marketing.
Email or even regular text messaging can overwhelm prospects with too many messages, ads or spam. Facebook messenger is a more personal way to connect with prospects and build valuable relationship … and get high response.
There are two ways to use Facebook messenger to market or advertise your product or service: Through directly messaging prospects with your offer, or through running an ad which will show up in their inbox.
Both strategies are powerful for generating leads – and powerful for boosting your profits.
Here are 7 insights and strategies that will help you use this revolutionary new tool to supercharge your marketing now:facebook messenger

#1: Messaging apps get a response that is 10 times higher than response to email or traditional text messaging.

Users are 10 times more likely to open and click through an ad or a message on Facebook messenger than an email or even text message.
When prospects receive a message on Facebook messenger, they instantly receive a notification on their cell phone.

#2: Facebook messaging gives users more control.

Users must give businesses permission to communicate with them on Facebook messenger.
You can only message someone who has “liked” your page on Facebook, or who has opted in through a link on your landing page or email. That means users have more control over who contacts them … and will be more responsive to your offer.

#3: Use direct response copy.

Facebook messenger is about creating a two-way dialogue. Use direct response copy to address your prospects with “you”-oriented copy and emphasize how your product or service will benefit them.
Your messaging and copy should be personal – message prospects as if you’re speaking to a friend or family member. For example, don’t send a free promo code; instead, say, “I saw something you might like…”

#4: “Chatbots” can be used to engage prospects on Facebook messenger.

Chatbots can actually have conversations with prospects, by answering their specific questions. This makes the whole experience more personal and user-friendly – and it automates the conversation for you.

#5: Facebook messenger ads will help you reach a wider audience.

An alternative to directly messaging prospects is to run a Facebook ad that also appears in Facebook messenger. When you create an ad, you can opt in for additional placement in messenger.
Ads in Facebook messenger stand out more than ads in Facebook newsfeed, because they aren’t competing with other ads.
An added bonus of Facebook Messenger is that it’s a stand-along app that doesn’t require downloading Facebook and is even more popular. Right now, in the iTunes App Store, Facebook Messenger is the #1 app while Facebook is #5. There’s even a Messenger Lite version for Android users.

#6: Ad copy should be short and sweet.

Along with keeping direct response principles in mind, keep your copy brief. Remember, your ads must be optimized for mobile … they occupy a small space, so copy must be short.

#7: Run separate ad campaigns for specific promotions or goals.

Try running different campaigns for different goals or objectives. This allows you to gather targeted data about prospects that can be used to further improve future campaigns.
Make sure that all assets in your campaigns are mobile-optimized. That means fewer form fields, shorter copy and streamlined landing pages.
Facebook messenger offers you a powerful new opportunity to grow new leads and get a high response to your offer. It overcomes some of the problems associated with email and text messaging marketing, gives your prospects a personal, user-friendly experience and builds valuable loyalty and trust.
I am currently using Facebook messenger for most of my clients … and I anticipate using this platform more and more.
If you would like to talk about using Facebook messenger for your next marketing campaign, give me a call at (310)212-5727 or email Caleb at caleb@cdmginc.com.
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