A revolution is going on in the marketplace today.
It’s a revolution that’s helping private companies raise capital by marketing directly to the investors.
It’s a revolution where companies that want to become public can fast-track to becoming public.
And it’s a revolution for companies to have their own database of customers and supporters to be able to fund growth and expansion.
Take a look at the following companies who have successfully skyrocketed to success under the JOBS Act:

  • VIRTUIX, a unique virtual reality product, raised $7.7 million from an estimated 1,600 investors.
  • Elio Motors raised more than $17 million.
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment raised $30 million before listing on NASDAQ.
  • Adomani, an electric bus and truck company, raised more than $14.4 million before listing on NASDAQ CM and shot up to over a billion-dollar market cap.

Under the JOBS Act, equity crowdfunding is now available for any company to be able to raise capital.
But to do it properly, you have to market…and market right.
That’s why I’ve written a new book 23 Equity Crowdfunding Secrets to Raising Capital: JOBS Act Marketing.

Your Comprehensive Guide to JOBS Act Marketing

This 147-page comprehensive guide gives you the tools and tactics you need to successfully market to investors under the JOBS Act, including:

  • How to use an integrated, multichannel campaign to dramatically increase response and expand your prospect and customer base
  • New digital marketing breakthroughs
  • Why direct mail may be your secret weapon in your marketing arsenal
  • Who to target for maximum response—and how to use high-level strategies like data modeling and custom lists to reach your perfect prospects
  • Why every entrepreneur must create a specialized landing page as the foundation of an integrated, multichannel campaign
  • How to write direct response copy and why this little-known key may be critical to your success—or failure

And more….

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