Your email subject line can make or break your email campaign.

Without a great subject line, your email won’t even get opened.

But a powerful, enticing subject line can help response skyrocket.

I always test different subject lines for my clients.

I performed the following test for an integrated email campaign for an investment newsletter client.

An integrated email campaign goes out to all direct mail (in this case, a magalog) recipients, so that they receive the email as a “follow-up” reminder of the powerful offer they saw in the mail.

Here’s the test:

Subject line A: You should have received this magazine by now

Subject line B: This complimentary magazine should be in your mailbox now 

Which subject line performed better?

Subject line A got a 42% higher click-thru rate – showing that a small change can make a big difference.

If you’d like to talk about how you can write great, response-boosting subject lines for your email campaigns, give me a call at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at


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