Retargeting is a powerful way to:

  1. Convert your leads
  2. Supercharge your sales
  3. Reactivate old customers

Retargeting is a strategy that allows you to use digital ads that “follow” your leads and prospects around the internet, reminding them of your offer again and again.

Retargeting can be used on:

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • YouTube

The truth is, 70% or more of your landing page visitors will leave without making a purchase.

Even if they start the buying process, nearly the same amount – 69% – will abandon your shopping cart before they make a purchase.

Retargeting ads help you to get these prospects back to your landing page/shopping cart and convert them to paying customers.

You can also use retargeting to turn your one-time buyers into loyal up-sell or cross-sell clients.

Here are 12 retargeting strategies to use in your ads, that will supercharge sales:


#1: Show a picture of the product your prospect searched for to remind them you have what they need.

You can retarget your prospects with a picture of what they searched for. For example, if your prospect searched for “hearing aids,” show a pair of your hearing aids to remind them that they need this product – and yours are readily available to buy.


#2: Remind them to download their free special report for value-added incentive. 

For many of my clients, I create one or more “special reports” that act as a powerful incentive for prospects to respond as a lead or to buy. If you offer a free special report as a part of your offer, you can retarget leads with a picture of the report – creating curiosity with this free informational piece.


#3: Use a testimonial to prove you’re credible and trustworthy.

Show a testimonial of a satisfied customer in your retargeting ad. Testimonials offer powerful proof that your product or service is credible and can be trusted. Prospects and leads are likely to trust someone else about the quality of your product.

A testimonial can be shown as a video, a special landing page or on your sales page. 


#4: Display a video update to create intrigue.

 Your landing page should have a video that explains your offer. Create new curiosity and excitement by telling leads that you have a “video update” to take them back to your landing page to watch your video.


#5: Use the word “alert” for response-boosting urgency.

“Alert” creates a sense of urgency, increasing response. “Alert” also suggests you have new, powerful information to tell your leads, helping to funnel them back to your landing page.


#6: Say “thank you” to start a dialogue and create relationship.

Saying “Thank you” creates immediate dialogue with your leads, and reminds them that they have taken action on your landing page. Thank them for their visit, and then remind them of what they forgot to do (download a free report, buy a product).


#7: Ask a question to bring “shopping cart abandoners” back to your page.

Typically, I don’t recommend asking a question in a headline. But when a potential customer has placed something in your shopping cart and then forgotten to buy it, they may just need a reminder: For example, “Did you forget something?”


#8:  Tell old customers you miss them to bring them back to your page.

Retarget one-time buyers with ads that say, “We miss you!” This is a powerful way to remind them of your product or service, and create relationship and trust that can turn them into loyal customers.


#9: “Ready for a refill?” reminds customers to repurchase products they love.

If you sell a product that would be purchased again and again – such as a food or cosmetic product – send a retargeting ad to customers when you think they would have finished the product. For example, if a tube of skin cream lasts a couple of months, send a retargeting ad to a customer towards the end of that cycle that says something like “Ready for more?” or “Ready for a refill?”


#10: “Renew your subscription” turns one-time buyers into continuity buyers.

If you have a subscription service, remind customers to renew their subscriptions with retargeting ads. Or, retarget customers that have canceled their subscriptions.


#11: Ask for a review or testimonial to strengthen your offer.

Retargeting can also be used to get more customer reviews and testimonials, while creating a more powerful relationship with your customers. Soon after a product or service purchase, retarget recent buyers with ads that ask for a review and star rating. For example, “Tell us what you think!” with the specific product or service name.


#12: Suggest related products to upsell.

To upsell your product or service, suggest related items or a larger package to customers, based on their past purchases. Retarget customers with an image of a new, enticing product or service your customer might like.


Retargeting is a strategy that is absolutely critical to your marketing campaign. It can powerfully boost sales and help you recapture valuable leads and customers.

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