As soon as you claim your product or service is “the best”… your prospects will want to see the explosion.

They are instantly skeptical because everyone claims the same thing.

All the competitors – I mean all of them – are saying some variation of “we are _______” (the fastest, best, most reliable).

Fill in the blanks 

The way to prove your product – and kill the skepticism of prospects – is cold, hard facts.

  • Show the “before-and-after” (your product vs. the other)
  • Side-by-side comparison of benefits (not features!) and who has them (yours)
  • For multiple competing products, create a table comparing the benefits of your product to a competitor’s

Important tip: In side-by-sides and tables, use a big “X” or check marks in every box under your product. Prospects should see blank space under the competing products.

Aside from being hopelessly and uselessly vague, claims of being “better, stronger, faster” are simply disbelieved. Instead, back up the claims with facts.

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