Good tease copy always generate response

The Test: This week, let’s look at two pay-per-click ad headlines for the book, 46 Ways to Raise Prices:

  • Headline A read: “The easiest price increase you’ll ever make or your money back.”
  • Headline B read: “The secrets of making customers happy to pay more.”

Before you read on…take a minute to guess which headlines sold more books.

The Results: Headline B pulled 67% more book sales than Headline A.

But what was even more dramatic, was the results from the website sales …

The website offered a “basic” package at $75, and a premium package at $99. Prospects who saw headline B were more likely to buy the premium package. The difference in profit was 81% more for Headline B.

Why the difference?

It’s easy to get caught up in analyzing why one headline did better than the other did, but it points to the need to always test.

I am a firm believer in testing and found that when doing so, we are able to rapidly increase response.

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