Digital Marketing is changing fast.

Here are 7 under-the-radar digital trends we use to help companies grow.

You should too.

How many of these are you now using?

Trend # 1. Dramatic Growth in Digital Marketing.

More budgets are seeing digital expansions … a lot of expansions.

Digital spending in 2020 was $380 billion.

It increased to just under $500 billion in 2021.

In 2022, it’s on track to being close to $600 billion.

Trend # 2. Costs Increasing.

Digital marketing spending is increasing, but advertising cost on traditional digital mediums like google and Facebook are increasing also.

The increase in digital cost is decreasing many marketers ROI.

But new alternative digital channels and products are producing great ROI such as pre-rolls, addressable to add geofencing … expect to see major growth in these areas.

Trend # 3. Don’t be fooled by impression numbers or even engagement.

What counts is bottom line results of quality leads or sales.

Accountable advertising is essential for scientific marketing growth of your products or services.

Trend # 4. Video Repurposing.

Your landing page, digital ads and emails should have video. It results in high response.

The next big trend is the video repurposed for pre-rolls, TikTok, Rumble, and more.

Trend # 5. Influence the Influencer.

More and more marketers are targeting influencers with digital ads, remarketing, and more what?

A campaign to a targeted group of influencers is a powerful strategy to increase your reach and multiply sales.

If you can identify enough influencers, setup a strategic campaign just to them.

For example, if you have an investable product consider investor influencers.

Target the 2,000 investable newsletter writers in America for a targeted message about your product.

Watch them write about it.

Trend # 6. Informational Marketing More Response Than Ever.

Longer copy rewards marketers with great response.

It allows them to use valuable information and specifics are a powerful story.

Google loves this strategy.

We call it “VIVA,” Valuable Information, Value Added …

Google rewards information rich, long copy content.

Part of the benefit is the multiple opportunities to backlinks, keyword variations … all on your landing page for longer user sessions.

Use multiple pages for a broad keyword offering.

Trend # 7. Integrated Multichannel Marketing.

Send to the same marketing message to your targeted audience with digital ads, pre-roll, addressable TV, Facebook, direct mail, email and more.

Watch your response enjoy a powerful increase.

Questions on these? Call Will at 615-933-4647 and see how we can help.