3 Little-Known Secrets to Powerful Success with Direct Mail, Online Ads, Landing Pages, and More

Many marketers underestimate the power of the opening. Direct mail, email, landing pages, Facebook ads and more all have three critical direct response rules you should follow at the start of your presentation. For any direct mail campaign, the way … Read More

Marketing to Seniors: 38 Special Advertising Insights

The mature or senior market, which I define as people over the age of 50, is an enormous group with incredible buying power. In marketing to a mature market, too many marketers underperform, because they violate some key direct response … Read More

5 Little-Known Reasons Value Added Marketing Will Transform Your Direct Mail Response

Marketing in an age of skepticism is always difficult. In the case of direct mail, your prospects automatically perceive that you’re selling them something. When that happens, they’re likely to have a negative attitude towards even discovering what it is … Read More

22 Amazing New Advertising and Marketing Trends for Alternative Health Marketers (Replay)

In case you missed “22 Amazing New Advertising and Marketing Trends for Alternative Health Marketers,” you can still watch a replay of this free, no obligation webinar here. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover secrets and tactics you can use … Read More

Direct Response Copy in Your Marketing is Critically Important-  Anything Else Will Depress Response

I just finished several successful campaigns that generated powerful, above-average responses. Why so successful? One of the most important keys is the powerful use of direct response copy. Good direct response copy is easy to recognize. Not because it wins … Read More

Attention Alternative Health Marketers! Must-see Webinar Just For You

On Thursday, October 5th, Caleb and I will have a special webinar for alternative health presidents and marketing directors. It’s called “18 Amazing New Trends for Alternative Health Marketers.” It’s at 11:00 AM PST and you can register here. It’s … Read More

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