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Top 15 for 2015
15. How to Market to the Wealthy
14. Marketing to Businesses: 5 Ways to Generate Leads and Sales You May Be Overlooking
13. “Hard-to-Reach” Prospects: How to Double Your Response
12. How One Marketing Campaign Shot Sales Up 533% – 3 Powerful Secrets You Can Use
11. Breaking Down the Barriers to Acquire Leads and Sales: Taking a Stalled Product and Dramatically Increasing Sales
10. Multi-Million Dollar Launch Secrets: From Nothing into the World’s Largest Online Investment Service
9. Response Boost! Using Graphics without Distracting the Eye Flow
8. 17 Surprising Marketing Trends for Political Campaigns
7. Magalog – Infomercial in Print, Drives Response
6. New: Integrated Marketing on Steroids
5. Marketing to Seniors: 25 Special Advertising Insights
4. Skyrocketing to Higher Response: How a B2B Catalog Ignited Sales, Profitability and New Customers
3. The $350 Million Buyout Thanks to the Special Marketing Campaign
2. Video Direct Mail – New Breakthrough!
1. The Death of Direct Mail? Or…