If you’d like to get more leads and sales from your direct mail and email campaigns. . .
. . .while avoiding costly response-killing blunders. . .
. . .then you need to attend marketing legend Craig Huey’s live webinar, 7 Surprising Ways to Supercharge Your Direct Mail Letter/Email Response on Thursday, January 28th, 2016. You can register by clicking here.
Direct mail and email are highly profitable marketing strategies for companies that do them right — and they’re the fastest ways to generate new leads and increased sales.
However, many marketers miss out because they violate the time-tested rules of direct mail and email marketing — making marketing blunders that depress response.
The good news is, in this fast-paced, concise one-hour webinar, you’ll discover. . .

  • The time-tested secrets for creating a successful, profitable direct mail or email sales letter. . .
  • How business-to-business and consumer marketers can dboule or triple their direct mail and email responses. . .
  • How the old rules for email are obsolete.
  • The little-known and usually overlooked secret to a asuccessul direct mail letter . . .
  • The #1 mistake email marketers make and how to avoid it . . .
  • 12 simple copy secrets that make your copy sizzle and practically force your prospects to keep reading. . .
  • How to do an integrated direct mail/email campaign.
  • Short copy v. long copy: What test results say about which works better. Plus, surprising test results for type font, subject lines, and more. . .
  • The more important word in any direct mail or email letter. . .
  • The power of email and postal data modeling.
  • Test results you won’t find anywhere else.

Once the hour is up, you’ll never look at a direct mail or email campaign the same way again. . .and you’ll know the simple secrets to supercharging all your marketing.
The live, one-hour webinar takes place on Thursday, January 28th at 10am PST (1pm ESST). You can register by clicking here.
Craig Huey has spent the past 25 years helping his clients get better results from all their advertising and marketing. He is the founder and president of Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc., publisher of Direct Marketing Update  and winner of 79 awards for his winning campaigns.
Over the course of his career, Craig has helped more than 400 businesses, publications, and organizations become multimillion-dollar operations.
You’ll walk away from this webinar with a complete system for plugging the profit leaks that are currently letting high-quality prospects and customers slip through your fingers.
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Listen closely to Craig’s presentations
“I’ve been working with Craig Huey for more than 30 years. He helped me build a multimilion-dollar corporation from nothing. . .to dominating my market.
“Listen closely to what Craig has to say. You can attain the same success I have with his accountable marketing trends and strategies.” — Dr. Bruce West, Publisher Health Alert
Valuable and specific
“I encourage you to attend Craig Huey’s talk. He will give you a lot of details and specific information that you’ll find very valuable. His recommendations are tested by experience and controlled marketing products. –Mark Stoddard, B-to-B Specialist, Author
Be certain that you have the tools you need to keep your profits growing and increase the effectiveness of your marketing this year.
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Thursday, January 28th, 2016

10:00am PST (1:00pm EST)

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