Election 2012: The Year of the Marketing Revolution
Barack Obama surprised the Republican Party and the country as he swept the electorate with an unprecedented, targeted direct marketing campaign. Despite a flagging economy and a growing frustration with the Obama Administration, the President effectively undermine his opponent Mitt Romney.
The old ways of campaigning are gone. The new methods are changing and growing every day.
How did I first learn about this tsunami-change in advertising?
Bruce Newman’s new book The Marketing Revolution in Politics: What Recent U.S. Presidential Campaigns Can Teach Us About Effective Marketing
Technology is playing a huge—Yuge—role, following big data, consumer analytics, micro-targeting, and social media. With the micro-targeting in particular, the Obama Administration—and major companies in following—have created and marketed to clear and dedicated subsets of prospects, finding out their needs and wants, then offering clear advertisements in connection with that information.
I recommend to any growing or successful marketer to read and adapt to the principles laid out in this book. The new insights will fascinate and shock you!
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