Let me tell you about a powerful marketing secret that can drastically boost your responses—it’s your offer.
In a marketing campaign to generate investors for a new start-up company, I first created powerful copy and graphics in a magalog form to be able to excite the investors about investing in a private—not public—company under the JOBS Act.
The JOBS Act is a new law which allows companies to raise money privately for the first time in over 80 years, depending on the filing. It can be one through 506(c) for accredited investors only – those making 200,000 or more a year or have estates of 1,000,000 or more. Or it can be done under regulation A, which means any investor.
This marketing campaign is for a new, growing company called StarShop, and is a classic example of the best in modern integrated marketing technology:

  1. The foundation of the campaign is using the most advanced data modeling available, aiming at the target audience, in this case investors.
  2. All the marketing uses powerful direct response copy and art.
  3. Emails are created and sent before, during, and after the direct mail piece arrives in the home.

Here’s the email:
Here’s the Magalog:

  1. Facebook newsfeed ads only to prospects receiving the magalog.
  2. Facebook newsfeed posts to a look-a-like audience are used to build upon the advanced data of the look-alike direct mail campaign.
  3. Banner ads are used to serve only the people who are receiving the direct mail piece.
  4. Retargeting for both Google and Facebook, so that anybody who has visited the landing page is served multiple ads.
  5. A special direct response landing page is created.

These are all great tactical ways to maximize response and create a winning campaign.
But in this case, I created one more element. For the accredited investor, I wanted to create an offer that was irresistible.
I wanted them to know that not only could they invest with hopes of making money, they could get key benefits and perks.
For example:

  1. A New Year’s Eve Party in Times Square, New York
  2. VIP Suites
  3. After Party at the Grammy Awards Ceremony
  4. Red Carpet Movie Premieres in Los Angeles and New York

If they invested, they get these special perks.
Plus I created a traditional premium offer for leads—special reports.
Is your offer in your marketing as strong as it can be? Have you thought outside of the box? How can you create stronger, more powerful offer?
Offers can be about as much as 30% to 40% of the success of your campaign. Sometimes, your offers can be an extension of your product or service, as was the case of my client StarShop.
Need help in creating a direct mail piece, an integrated multi-media campaign, including an offer? Contact Caleb Huey at (310) 212-5727 or email him at caleb@cdmginc.com