In case you missed “22 Amazing New Advertising and Marketing Trends for Alternative Health Marketers,” you can still watch a replay of this free, no obligation webinar here.
Don’t miss the opportunity to discover secrets and tactics you can use to flood your company with new customers. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll discover when you watch “22 Amazing New Advertising and Marketing Trends for Alternative Health Marketers.”

  • 5 little-known natural health marketing strategies bypassing retail that can work for you in today’s economy
  • The #1 mistake natural health marketers make and how to avoid it
  • New direct mail strategies that can double or triple your response
  • Why the Videolog™ can be your next big breakthrough
  • Little-known and new Facebook secrets that can help generate a dramatic increase in your client base in 3 months or less
  • New email strategies to double your click-through rates
  • How to grow with an integrated, multi-channel campaign
  • 7 “look-a-like” traps
  • 3 new strategies for attracting qualified leads with online marketing
  • New trends with magalogs, newsalogs and bookalogs
  • New remarketing test results to double your banner ad response, conversions and sales
  • Costly and common web marketing blunders you must avoid
  • And much more…on copy, strategy, TV, video…

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