One of the most effective ways to increase leads and sales for both B to B or B to C is the unique and little-known “magalog.”
The magalog is essentially an infomercial in print. They are full-color, glossy publications that look like a magazine that are especially useful for getting your message to an information-hungry or skeptical audience.
A magalog is usually 20-28 pages. It’s really one product with one theme and focus.
Let’s take a look at how one company found unparalleled success with magalogs.
The featured product was Prostata®, a natural prostate health supplement for men aged 50 and over.
Our marketing challenge was to overcome consumer skepticism about supplements and natural products and to make Prostata stand out in an already crowded alternative health marketplace.
To create the magalog, my team and I focused on these objectives:

  1. Develop a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to elevate Prostata above the competition.
  2. Create a clear, distinctive theme that distinguished Prostata from other supplements, medications, and procedures.
  3. Utilize persuasive direct response copy and dynamic direct response art that adhere to proven direct marketing standards.
  4. Include valuable offers, discounts, premiums and testimonials from Prostata users to encourage response.

I chose the magazine-size format so the piece would stand out in the prospect’s mailbox. On the cover, renowned prostate expert Dr. Larry Doss was featured prominently to add credibility and build trust.
Next, I created a “you-oriented” copy to connect with prospects and address the most common prostate health concerns. And to demonstrate why Prostata was a smart alternative to dangerous surgery and expensive pharmaceuticals.
Numerous testimonials and informational sidebars were placed throughout, with a value-added “diet and lifestyle” Special Report.
Finally, the call to action included a “Fast Relief Discount Certificate” (the easy-to-use order form).
After the magalog hit mailboxes, the orders came pouring in. It generated thousands of new customers and was used in multiple mailing for the next two years. It has generated over 200,000 buyers. The most effective of all marketing strategies to date.
The magalogs also work well for business to business marketers. See our “Surf Control” case study here.
And see this one and a half minute video brief on magalogs.

Your company can have this kind of success with magalogs too. To learn more about this response-driving direct mail approach, call me at (310)212-5727 or email Caleb at
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