I just reviewed a video of a large, powerful group of consumers urging viewers to boycott companies that take the politically correct tact by simply not saying Merry Christmas in their catalogs, emails, Facebook ads, and direct mailers, and on their websites and landing pages.
It is important as marketers that you sound authentic and not “politically correct.” If you have Christmas decorations to sell in your catalog don’t call them “holiday peace ornaments” or “sparkle trees” or “personalized velvet stockings.” You end up sounding odd and political when you are not trying to be.
And you’ll be listed in the boycott.
Politically correct advertising will offend many and cause you to lose your customers. Saying Merry Christmas is good for business. The majority of your customers will be enthusiastic about your willingness to share the Christmas spirit and more willing to buy.
Here’s a special Christmas greeting video from DMU.

C.Huey Christmas 2017 from Jake Unger on Vimeo.
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