At FreedomFest, business owners, venture capitalists, and marketing directors from all over the world heard Caleb and myself talking about the new breakthrough innovations in advertising and marketing.

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Yes, the title is about equity crowdfunding, but it’s really a guidebook for marketing.

This book includes powerful insights and actionable tools, including:

  • Craig’s #1 secret foundation to a marketing campaign that gets incredible response
  • 6 powerful steps to create a multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign
  • 8 little-known prospecting tactics using look-a-like audiences
  • How to strategically target and retarget your “perfect prospects”
  • 4 critical keys to marketing on Amazon … and why you can’t afford not to use this revolutionary new marketing platform
  • 8 innovative new Facebook strategies that you must use for effective results
  • Why testing your results may be the most important step you take in your marketing

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