How well do you follow up when your customers purchase or order a product or service through your website?

If all you do is send them what they ordered, you might be missing out on a golden opportunity to communicate with them and retain them as long-time customers, instead of just one-time shoppers.

More and more, companies are following up with new customers with a welcome email or often a special promotion.


Don’t wait to build a relationship

A prompt welcome letter, acknowledgment letter or letter offering upgraded or additional products or services strengthens the relationship between you and your new customers. It also gives them the opportunity to explore more of what you have to offer and make additional purchases.


Stand apart from the rest

The time to do this is now. In a recent study of 100 e-commerce sites, only 3% sent anything back with a promotional offer; 71% included a non promotional letter; and the remaining 26% sent nothing.

This is absolutely crazy! Here is an opportunity for businesses to gain repeat customers without even looking for them.


Beat the competition

Competition is tough. If your prospects or new customers don’t receive immediate, positive feedback, it could be that their first contact with you will be their last.


The bottom line: Not following up with a promotional offer and/or welcome letter is short-sighted at best and can be harmful to long-term profits.


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