The fact is that the internet offers an easy and fairly inexpensive venue to try out everything — from a bold new concept, to comparing headlines, to very subtle little changes to see how they will affect response.

We know of many marketers who routinely use their websites as a way to test new ideas before they try them in the mail or in print.

So today we are going to look at two tests that were reported by the folks at Marketing on a web order form.

In each of these tests, the order forms were identical except for the one element being tested.

Test A: Background color test. In this test, one version of the page used a white background. In the second version, a colored background was used.

Results: The white background out-pulled the colored background by more than 65%.

Test B: Call-to-action. In this test, two versions of a call-to-action were used to request a free premium. In the first version of the page, prospects were asked to “Click here for your FREE Report.” In the second version, they were told to “Download Your FREE Report Now.”

Results: The more decisive “Download your FREE Report Now,” beat “Click here” by 56.76%.

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