Testing is vital for email, banner ads, TV… every direct marketing campaign.

If you can’t test it, don’t do it!

Let’s look at the test results for a magalog – a direct mail piece that looks, feels and reads like a magazine. But it’s not.

It’s a sales piece – an infomercial in print.

I tested two magalog covers I had created for my client Prosata. The magalogs were aimed at consumers who worried about prostate problems.

Both magalogs contained the same information inside and both featured a picture of Dr. Larry Doss.

Test: Cover A read: “97% of men suffer from some type of prostate problem, but…these amazing nutrients could help you join the 3% who live worry-free!”

Cover B read: “Breakthrough Prostate remedy taps decades of scientific research, brings relief in as little as 30 days!” An amazing combination of 14 products offers new hope for millions of sufferers!

Result: Cover B was the clear winner, with a 79% higher response rate.

Don’t know what a magalog is or why it boosts response? Watch my short video briefing here.

Have you ever tested your magalog? Let me know. Also, why do you think Cover B received a higher response? Call me at 310-212-5727 or email me at craig@cdmginc.com.


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