Hulu is now testing a revolutionary new type of ad.

It plays during a TV show or movie…but it’s not a commercial. It’s much subtler.

These ads could succeed in getting great response….or they could fail.

Only time and testing will prove how well they work.

Here are 5 things you should know about Hulu’s new “pause” ads:


#1: Ads appear on “pause.”

Hulu’s new ads appear when viewers press pause on a TV show or movie.

They’re similar to small “pop-ups” that appear right on screen.

Of course, video viewers commonly press “pause” – but that’s usually because they have something else to do (like go to the bathroom or the kitchen).

Only testing will show whether or not video viewers may take the time to click on the ad, while they were planning on doing something else.


#2: Hulu is already testing the ad with major brands. 

Hulu is already testing their pause ads with Coca Cola and Charmin – and they plan to make it available to everybody by next quarter.


#3: This is an example…

Here’s what it looks like, below:

pause ads

An example of Hulu’s new “pause ad” with an ad for Charmin.

As you can see, there’s not a lot of copy or artwork. Just a logo and tagline.

If I was creating one of these for you, I would probably be more aggressive than this…using direct response copy, turning the feature into a benefit, and using power words in the ad.


#4: Marketing on Hulu could provide valuable data.

OTT (“over the top”) marketing – or marketing on a content platform that’s delivered over the top of another platform – is a valuable strategy for gaining data.

Using Hulu’s pause ads is a good example of OTT marketing that could pay off for marketers and brands, allowing them to strategically reach prospects who are most likely to respond to their offer.


#5: There are more than 170 million OTT video service viewers. 

More than half of the population of America uses OTT subscription video services like Hulu.

Hulu’s pause ads may be a strategic opportunity to reach TV and movie viewers in the U.S., who are shifting increasingly to using streaming services instead of traditional cable.

Hulu’s pause ads could be a valuable opportunity for marketers – if they succeed.

Before investing a lot of money or time into these ads, wait to see how they do when they are tested.

Keep your eye on this trend, and wait for news about making Hulu’s pause ads generally available.

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