When you “follow up” with prospects, always test different assets.

Test headlines, graphics, copy, and more. Always test.

In every campaign I create, I follow up direct mail with an integrated email series – a targeted email series that reminds recipients of what they discovered in their mailboxes.

For these “follow-up emails” I always test different subject lines to see what performs best.

In a recent campaign, I tested two different subject lines for an email that followed up a magalog piece.

Line A said:

Elon Musk…Did you see this? 

Line B said:

Has this arrived in your postal mailbox? [see page 3]

Which line do you think did the best?

Line A had “surprise value,” with a famous name to create intrigue.

Line B was more straightforward, but created curiosity by referencing “page 3” of their magalog.

Line B was more successful. It got a 10.47% click-thru rate, compared to Line A’s click-thru rate of 1.75%.

You can try guessing why … but you should always test in the marketplace.

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