In the financial markets … businesses … life!

Store shelves are empty. Schools are closed. Vegas  is like a ghost town. Weddings are being cancelled. Restaurants are quiet. Conferences and concerts cancelled.

Fear is the most dangerous threat we face from COVID-19 … and it is now rampant and widespread.

So, your marketing must change instantly.

From our experience surviving past crises and recessions, we know a few steps you must take immediately …


#1. Adjust your marketing based on the news.


The virus.



All your prospects and clients are aware of these hot topics. All of them are being impacted in the worst economic downturn we’ve ever seen.

While there’s hope that it’s going to bounce back quickly, the trauma will linger, and it will impact your marketing message today … and tomorrow.

All of this impacts your response rate.

So adjust your marketing accordingly. But, DO NOT cross the ethical line into fear mongering and profiteering.


#2. Address the fear and paralysis.


In past times of economic turmoil, businesses and consumers have reacted first with fear and then paralysis … then caution … then action.

If the cures come, if the numbers of infection decline, if the deaths aren’t as numerous as feared, you’re going to see a major bounce back of what many call the “V-Curve.” That is, there was a huge downward trend. And then there will be a huge upward trend.

As a marketer, you do NOT want to miss that upward trend. Until then, you need to know how to market prudently.

Being late when the V-Curve turns up will allow your competition to move ahead of you … and it will slow your recovery from the crisis down.


#3. Rely more heavily on an integrated, multi-channel approach.


People are distracted during times of chaos. They are less likely to pay attention to a single message on a single platform. Instead, you can penetrate the fog by touching them frequently from many different angles.

An integrated, multichannel approach is sending targeted messages to the same names across all of the channels available: Physical mail, email, Facebook, Google, video, search engines, native ads, display ads, Amazon, LinkedIn … you name it.

You are reinforcing your message to your prospect as they move about their daily lives, online and offline.

We are adjusting all of our clients campaigns – digital, landing pages, direct mail, TV, everything – so that we’re keeping with reality in our advertising.


#4. Don’t decrease your marketing.


In fact, consider increasing your marketing efforts. If you slack off during the rough times, you’re giving a competitor the opportunity to become market dominant.

In fact, if you continue your marketing throughout the disruption, you’ll most likely be the one to emerge as the dominant player when normalcy returns to the world.


#5. Become a champion for your community.


During hard times, people want to feel connected. If they see you taking your social responsibility seriously, it will boost their relationship with you, and increase the likelihood of doing business (or more business) with you in the future.

Also, if you rally your prospects around a cause, you build that sense of comradery and community. All of which will benefit you and your prospects when the dust settles.


#6. Take time to commiserate with your customers and alleviate their fears where you can.


Don’t ignore the elephant in the room. Embrace it. Be open and honest with your existing customers. Support them in any way you can. They will repay you with even greater loyalty later.

These are just a few of the things we’ve learned, but there are many more that I have written about in my latest book, The New Multichannel Integrated Marketing: 29 Trends for Creating a Multichannel, Integrated Campaign to Boost Your Profits Now.

I urge you to get a copy now because multichannel integrated marketing really is the best way to reach new prospects and help your existing ones as the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course.

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These are trying times. They may even get harder. Keep forging forward so that when the clouds part, you’ll be leading the pack.

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