Direct mail is powerful on its own. But when combined with digital retargeting, it can supercharge your results – doubling or even tripling your response rate.

Direct mail retargeting (DMRT) allows you to identify the physical addresses of visitors to your landing page, so that you can send them a direct mail piece…within 24 hours.

When these leads receive your powerful offer in the mailbox – after they have already shown interest by visiting your page – the results are phenomenal.

For example, we did a direct mail campaign for an investment newsletter client, Strategic Investor.

First, prospects saw one or more digital ads on Google, Facebook and other digital efforts with powerful direct response copy to create curiosity. We drove them to a specially created landing page.

When they went to the landing page, our digital technology allowed us to grab the physical address.

Here’s a banner ad we created, with the intriguing headline, $5 billion deal rocks biotech, setting stage for epic battle.

When prospects clicked on “Get the story here,” they were taken to a strategic landing page – where their data was collected.

Here’s the landing page:

Shortly after, these leads were sent a powerful direct mail piece – a magalog – with the same marketing message that they saw on the landing page and the digital ads. Post cards or a traditional direct mail piece could also be sent.

This powerful, 16-page magalog created an impressive impact on “hot leads” who had gone to the landing page expressing interest.

Of course, at the end of magalog, prospects had an opportunity to respond to Strategic Investing’s offer:  A one-year subscription to their investment newsletter.

The results were phenomenal – massive response rate to the retargeting mailing piece.

Direct mail retargeting can be a game-changer for sales or lead generation.

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