One of the hottest and most profitable markets today are parents… and grandparents.

One reason is that parents and grandparents are easy to target for marketing and advertising… and can generate high response and millions in sales.

Let’s look at an example of a company that has been successful in marketing to this audience… and how my tea at CDMG helped them expand their message beyond retailers to reach consumers directly…

Breaking free from the chains of retail to successful B2C (or B2B) takes the right strategy and tactics.

Let’s look at why I’ve picked grandparents also…

Ever since its introduction in late 1989, Educational Insights’ internationally acclaimed GeoSafari learning system has been a continual star performer in the educational toy industry.

Educators buy it for their classrooms, parents and grandparents buy it for the simple reason that it makes learning fun.

But after years of stardom on the shelves of toy stores across the country, even the most successful product can benefit from new marketing ideas… and enjoy the multiple benefits of B2C.

That’s why Educational Insights came to CDMG and asked for help. We specialize in landing pages and repositioning companies to maximize response and going direct.

Part of many multichannel campaigns is direct mail. In this case here, the data lists are so good.

Let’s look at the direct mail element of the campaign – a magalog direct response piece.

Reaching New Customers

We created a full-color, 16-page information-based “magalog” that would reach new customers, primarily through direct mail.

A magalog is direct mail’s equivalent of TV’s infomercial. It’s an informercial in print. And it is something we have perfected after creating thousands of powerful ones for clients over the last four decades.

This format works so well because it cuts through the clutter and is a powerful way to communicate to businesses and consumers alike. Its magazine look and feel give it an inherent perceived value. And whether a person has subscribed to a magazine or not (for this audience they had), they will flip through any magazine that lands in their mailbox.

Using every one of its 16 pages to full advantage, this magalog told the complete story of the GeoSafari and its unique benefits. We used direct response copy to tell a powerful story.

Punctuating the main story of GeoSafari’s proven effectiveness in making learning fun are a series of unique hands-on testimonials from people in the National Geographic Society.

Grandparents – Powerful Market

This campaign verified an interesting, overlooked insight: when writing the copy, we needed to be targeting parents AND grandparents, because the latter were more than half of the buyers.

We have learned over the years from “hooked on phones” and other products for parents that half or more are the grandparents – motivated and often with greater money.

Often the only thing standing between an established product’s past and future success is an effective direct response marketing effort.

So, whether you have an existing product whose sales you need to revitalize, or a new product that you need to launch in the most-efficient manner possible, give us a call at 615-933-4647 or email Craig at