Once you develop a database, internal marketing is critical. Internal or database marketing usually will take the form of the following:

  1. A Conversion series to turn leads into clients.
  2. A welcome kit to help introduce the new client to your product or service.
  3. An activation series to encourage the person to use your production service in a special series of email, direct mail pieces, Facebook and retargeting.
  4. Database marketing for upselling or cross-selling.
  5. And sometimes, if you have a relationship marketing campaign with an independent company database, not your own, this “third party” marketing is where you enter into an agreement to market to a company’s database, with a revenue split.

This is what we did with 1-800-Contacts and Walmart.
We marketed 1-800-Contacts’ products to the massive database of Walmart employees.
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To increase response over past efforts, we created a powerful personalized direct mail letter campaign that brought up the importance of their Flexible Spending Account (FSA), to be able to use it for buying their contacts.
What made the effort so successful was 1) branding by creating a bridge between 1-800-Contacts and Walmart 2) relationship marketing 3) powerful direct response copy 4) direct response art 5) taking the offer and making the direct response offer as exciting as possible.
So, we created a series of letters for 1-800-Contacts, including a compatible landing page for the program.
We heavily used high quality personalization on the envelope, inside the letter, in the value added piece and on the order form—everywhere.
And with some of the data that Walmart had on their employees, we used data for even greater personalization.
Personalization and relationship marketing does create dynamic response. And today’s technology makes it easy.
1-800-Contacts is well-known for how it markets its contacts’ services. We helped solidify its Walmart relationship, increased sales and brought in new customers to 1-800-Contacts – all because of applying the direct response strategy and tactics.
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