It is critical that when a prospect goes to your landing page (whether they are driven from direct mail, banner ads, pay-per-click or any media) that you avoid a common blunder most marketers make.
Navigation could mean death to your sales
Millions of dollars are wasted when people are drawn to sites that destroy sales. In fact, over 84% of people have said they’ve been disappointed in sites they’ve visited. Remember-good marketing starts with good direct response strategy.
Critical keys to keeping it simple
Keep the navigation design on your home page or landing page simple, focusing on your sales message.

     Get rid of your navigation buttons on the top and on the left side (they can depress response).

Don’t use any navigation options unless you can justify the diversion…and you probably can’t.
Don’t listen to the web technicians or general ad agencies. It’s not about what everyone else does; you’re looking for orders or leads, not applause.
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