Did you know that over 70% of your customers and prospects who visit your landing page are skeptical about whether you’re telling them the truth, as well as whether your product or service is what you say it is?
Questioning Your Site
Once visitors are confident they are on the site they intended to visit, or were directed to by your marketing campaign, they are still skeptical about what you have to offer.
That’s why it is up to you to immediately overcome your prospects’ and customers’ skepticism with credibility tactics.
Here is a list of things you can do to establish credibility:
1. Design your site for easy readability. Your site should follow the direct marketing rules for ease of readership. The font size and style should be readable and look professional.
2. Track your copy with the marketing copy for immediate recognition at the right spot.
3. Use a credibility-building prehead. For example:

  • “Former IRS agent and best selling author reveals…”
  • “After 25 years of research, Livermore engineer creates software breakthrough…”
  • As seen in… (Tech Weekly, Software Review Magazine, etc…

Note: A prehead can help establish credibility before you make a promise.
4. Use photos and charts, not artistic graphics, on your landing page. Graphic art can actually depress results, while photos or charts with captions can increase response, giving you greater credibility.
5. When you use photos use the captions to build credibility. Don’t make them purely sales copy. Captions are the single-most read portion on your landing page.
6. Use testimonials, ratings, and reviews prominently.
 Self Examination 
Ask yourself if your site has what it takes to establish credibility quickly so that your prospects and customers believe and, trust your site and even better, make the purchase.
Here is a short landing page video brief that will help you, see here.
    If you need help creating credibility on your landing page or would like a critique, contact me at (310) 212-5727 or  craig@cdmginc.com.