Some of my favorite direct marketing tools include magalogs, bookalogs, catalogs, and reportalogs.
These formats are great for promoting your product or service. They showcase the item in a magazine layout, which generates interest among consumers or business prospects who would otherwise ignore the marketer’s direct mail.
Let’s take a look at the results of two magalog test covers I created for one of my clients, Health Discoveries & Innovations.
The magalog was aimed at consumers who were interested in alternative medicine.
Both magalog covers contained the same information inside and both featured a picture of twin doctors standing back-to-back on the cover. The only difference between the two magalogs was the copy on the cover.
Test: Cover A read: “22 natural remedies and space age discoveries even your doctor doesn’t know about!” Below the copy, 9 arrowed-bullets each point to a medical condition, printed in bold. Next to the highlighted condition, there is a short explanation of how the product can help, along with the page number where the reader can find more information. For example:

  • The treatment protocol on page 6 could make insulin shots a thing of the past.

Cover B read: “22 natural remedies and space age discoveries that could change your life.” Underneath this it read, “Our most far-reaching discovery could help you…” followed by five diamond-shaped bullets that highlighted key benefits. For example, the first bullet read:

  • Shorten the duration and severity of a wide range of illnesses.

Take a guess at which cover generated a higher response.
Result: Cover A was a clear winner with 42% higher response than cover B.
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