Using a multichannel integrated approach can dramatically increase your response and profits.

This is what was discovered with Independent Living newsletter, an expensive investment service.

To your surprise, a major part of this multichannel campaign was direct mail. But we also used email, pre-roll, texting, Facebook messenger, banner ads, native ads and Facebook ads.

Here were the 7 steps to success:

#1: Direct mail – magalog.

Investment newsletter writers like Independent Living must reach a very specific audience with their offer….and know how to get prospects to say YES to an expensive subscription.

Direct mail – integrated with digital ads and other assets – is a highly effective way to reach this audience of investors….and get a great response.

For Independent Living, we decided to create a magalog – a magazine-style marketing piece – to persuade investors to respond to their offer with powerful direct response content focused on a lithium stock recommendation.

Here’s what the cover of the magalog looked like, featuring Elon Musk:

multichannel integrated campaign

Inside, readers discovered exciting information about a stock that was positioned to see explosive growth…and how they could subscribe to the newsletter that was recommending it ­– Independent Living.

#2: Integrated email.

Email is an effective, response-boosting tool that is used to follow up a mailing piece, and reinforce the offer.

For Independent Living, I created an integrated email series to follow up with direct mail. The integrated series directly references the direct mail piece, with language like, “Did you receive your free magazine?”

Here’s an integrated email that we sent:

multichannel integrated campaign

Notice that this email has a picture of the magalog featured at the top, along with a powerful headline. It reminds prospects of their direct mail piece….and powerfully reinforces the offer.

#3: Conversion email.

Next, I created a conversion email series sent to potential customers who had requested a free special report about this unique offer.

The conversion email series converts leads into customers by following up with those who have already expressed interest in the offer….and received something of value.

For Independent Living, the conversion email series worked to convert leads into buying subscribers. It reinforced the enticing offer to discover more powerful stock picks like the little-known Lithium stock recommended by Independent Living.

#4: Landing page. 

A single, targeted landing page with one offer is critical to any digital marketing campaign.

For Independent Living, I created a powerful landing page that used persuasive direct response copy and a valuable offer to persuade website investors to respond.

The landing page also serves as the backbone of the digital campaign – all digital ads, including pre-roll video (which you’ll learn about soon) drive leads back to the landing page.

#5: Banner ads. 

Banner ads create intrigue and curiosity with sizzling direct response copy. They use the same messaging used in the magalog and email series, and drive traffic back to the targeted landing page.

Here’s a banner ad that I created for Independent Living:

multichannel integrated campaign

Note that the messaging is the same on the banner ad as on the magalog – creating intrigue and curiosity with powerful direct response words, like “explosive” and “megatrend.”

Prospects and leads also see targeted Facebook ads in their Facebook newsfeeds and in Facebook messenger.

Similarly to banner ads, Facebook ads use direct response copy and art to generate curiosity about the offer and lift response.

Here’s a Facebook ad I created for Independent Living’s multichannel campaign:

multichannel integrated campaign

The copy creates intrigue for investors by suggesting a “historic shift,” without actually naming the stock.

#7: Pre-roll video.

Finally, I created pre-roll ads for Independent Living’s multichannel campaign.

Pre-roll ads are the short “commercials” that you see before videos that you watch on YouTube and other video platforms.

Like banner ads and Facebook ads, pre-roll ads can be targeted to a specific audience.

In the case of Independent Living, we created a powerful pre-roll video with direct response copy and art to target investors prospects.

The result was high response and click-through….generating even more leads.


Using the above components, we were able to create an incredible response for Independent Living –  generating valuable new subscribers – and profits.

That’s why this was an award-winning campaign: It relied on proven strategies to generate powerful response – starting with a powerful direct mail piece, the magalog.

In fact, if you’d like to learn more about creating a magalog, take a look at this short video:

Do you want to discover more about creating a powerful, potentially award-winning print campaign for your own product or service? Give me a call at (310) 212-5727 or email Caleb at


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