Will videos on your web page help or hurt your response?

Let’s take a look at a test that shows remarkable results:

A consumer credit counseling service wanted to optimize its website subscription sign-up process.

A radical redesign tested the additions of prominent text and video testimonials to the purchase process (Note: Navigational, copy, and graphic changes were also made, so it’s not a pure test.)

The testimonials were placed in close proximity to the final stop in the order process, clicking “Submit.”


Which testimonial format was most effective?

  1. No testimonials
  2. Text testimonials
  3. Video testimonials


Both text and video testimonial usages helped raise conversions to their landing pages.

But it was the short video testimonial added to the webpage sidebar that upped the consumer credit counseling services’ conversion rate by a full 201% – compared to 25% for the text testimonial.

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