22% is a good response rate.

But we were not surprised because high response rates like this are not unusual when we do a 3-diemnsional marketing campaign. Plus, it helps when you integrate a multichannel marketing with it.

Let me explain.

Here is what happened:

The company asked if we could introduce their amazing new technology to a small target audience of 153 people.

So we sent out a 3D direct mail piece and an email blast series with a strong sales pitch and a telephone follow-up to those 153 prospects that resulted in a 50% open rate and 22% response rate.

3D is one of the most powerful ways to be able to initiate a response from a target audience.

It arrives in a federal express package, it demands that people open it up right away and see what it is, and it has that wow factor. It cuts through the clutter and draws immediate attention.

If you have the right element with the right impact, you will get a desirable response. We’ve even gotten as high as 95% for some clients.

1. The marketing challenge and solution:

The most powerful way to increase your sales and profits is a tool called integrated, multichannel marketing.

Integrated, multichannel marketing can help you have a breakthrough in generating response – even from tough audiences.

This approach implements strategies to significantly boost your response rate and supercharge your profits.

It’s marketing and advertising on steroids. It will revolutionize your marketing results.

Multichannel, integrated marketing is revolutionizing the way businesses like you reach new prospects… upsell and cross-sell more effectively… get higher response… earning massive profits.

2. How we got a 22% response rate:

Because it was a small target audience with a high potential return on the investment, we knew we wanted to do a 3D package with a telephone follow-up. We also added an email series so it would truly have that integrated multichannel marketing impact.

3D direct mail captures attention, sparks interest, and drives interaction. And it has that wow factor that causes people to want to share it and learn more about it.

Hence our response rate.

Because the 3D direct mail piece was perfect for our target audience of investment newsletter writers who are influencers of hundreds of thousands of investors, our client wanted to have these influencers be able to talk about their crypto mining company and its investment opportunity.

What makes this crypto concept different than others is it uses gas instead of electricity, making it unique and solving a technological problem the target audience would appreciate.

Our 3D piece included the following:

  • A personalized letter…
  • A detailed brochure…
  • Two shiny pretend cryptocurrency coins that were bright gold measuring just shy of 2’’ in diameter with incredibly intricate detail… And that produces the wow factor!

Obviously, bitcoin is a digital currency and there is no such thing as a physical coin, but we sent them one that was a phony coin that they could touch, hold, feel, see, show people, and give to someone – creating the buzz and the interest.

Our 3D program got an exceptionally high response rate because it caused our prospects to focus on the unique selling position of our client causing them to want to learn more. [See VIDEO]

Who can resist opening a package they receive in the mail? The curiosity alone makes the deliverable irresistible and a must see. 3D direct mail provides great promotional exposure and puts a wow factor message directly in front of prospects, dramatically improving the likelihood of getting through gatekeepers to reach the hands and eyes of your target audience.

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