Let me reveal a winning formula I use – In this case, for a new product launch. It’s one of several formulas I use in creating winning digital ads, addressable TV, direct mail, Facebook, pre-rolls, geofencing, email, landing pages, TV commercials and more.

In creating successful marketing, I use copywriting formulas such as time tested and proven AIDPPC and AIDA.

Let’s take a look at a formula known as the 4 P’s:

The 4 P’s have helped me win 97 awards, including the “Best Direct Mail Award” for an alternative health supplement product launch.

To launch the product, my team and I created a persuasive 20-page, award-winning magalog.

This magalog followed the 4 P’s formula: 

“P” #1: Promise

Our copy promised to dramatically improve its prospects’ immune systems… bringing them fuller, healthier lives.

Starting with a “promise” catches your readers’ attention by promising them a benefit.

Call your promise out in the headline, elaborate on it in the subhead and then expand further in your opening.

In the direct mail magalog, we created and highlighted the promise right in the headline – Help Your Immune System 1,000X, Possibly More Powerful Than Anything Else Ever Discovered. With a picture of a doctor on the front cover.

“P” #2: Picture

The magalog format allowed us to communicate the benefits graphically and verbally…showing pictures of happy, healthy people living active lifestyles.

Help your readers imagine themselves enjoying the benefit or outcome you’ve promised. This approach appeals to your prospects’ emotional triggers. Specifically elaborate on how your product or service will make this benefit a reality.

“P” #3: Proof

Back up the picture you’ve painted with cold hard facts: Statistics, research studies, charts, graphs, testimonials, third-party reviews, certifications, product photos and product demonstrations.

And for this campaign, we proved with great detail our story…specifics, not generalities.

For example, we showed a chart that displayed the dramatic difference between the power of the supplement vs other supposedly immune-boosting supplements.

“P” #4: Push

This is more than just a call to action – it’s also delivering your irresistible offer and illustrating how much value your recipient will receive. Your goal is to link the promised benefit to the enticing picture to the acceptance of the proof…all to result in an action.

And for this campaign, we gave a compelling offer:

  • A potential health turnaround in 90 days
  • Three free bonus special reports
  • As much as a 55% discount
  • Extra fast response bonus
  • Double 100% money back guarantee

Remember this: Prospects will not buy what they don’t understand.

In every direct mail piece, landing page, email, digital ad, pre-roll video, Facebook ad and TV commercial be sure to educate and inform your reader about the benefits of accepting your offer. Well-structured copy – the result of a well-designed formula like the “UPS” formula – will boost your chances of generating the lead or closing the sale.

So, look at your marketing. Where are you falling short in following the 4 P’s formula?

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