Paper Shortage/ Price Hike Alert

Paper Shortage/ Price Hike Alert

After the Obama recession/stagnation, paper mills went out of business and paper demand went down.

But with the Trump tax cuts/economic boom, paper demand is now up.

For example, my clients quadrupled their paper usage from 2012 to 2016.

This has put a huge squeeze on paper supply, availability and pricing.

Obviously, paper plants have not reopened, but demand is soaring.

Other factors compounding the problem is government tariffs, trucking shortage/demand and state regulations.

What should you do?

In past times like these, we have:

  • Pre-ordered paper in advance, locking in lower rates and quality supply
  • Ordered for individual paper runs early. It won’t help with the price, but it will help make sure you have paper.

Expect this problem to last 2-3 years. It’s not temporary. It’s structural.

Keep an eye out for new developments and updates to paper supply and prices.


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