Direct Response Copy in Your Marketing is Critically Important-  Anything Else Will Depress Response

I just finished several successful campaigns that generated powerful, above-average responses. Why so successful? One of the most important keys is the powerful use of direct response copy. Good direct response copy is easy to recognize. Not because it wins … Read More

5 Outer Envelope Little-Known Direct Mail Techniques Guaranteed to Get Your Message Opened and Read

  Let me tell you what your ad agency doesn’t know….how to maximize the opening of an envelope. There are 5 outer envelope “rules” you should follow to overcome your direct mail
piece’s first and often toughest marketing obstacle: making sure … Read More

3-D Marketing Power Secret: 48.9% Response [Video]

One of the most powerful marketing strategies to: Cut through the clutter Get the attention of your target audience Generate high response… Is using a 3-D campaign. It’s one format many marketers are not aware of, or they overlook. I … Read More

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